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Remember the WTC 9/11/01

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This is where I'll exercise my freedom of speech!

April 23, 2003
My thoughts on the value of the war in Iraq
I believe that war was a necessary element of the war on terror. Saddam Hussein's regime supported the terrorist mentality in principal as well as in actual terrorist acts. IE paying homicide bombers families for killing Israelis and who knows what else.  
It has already been documented that Iraq destroyed Biological agents as the UN was beginning inspections. There are still many places to check. I do not believe that WMD is as important as I once felt. After seeing what Saddam was doing to his people, I think we as well as the UN should have gone in and removed the regime during the first Gulf War. Using gas against the Kurds was only the tip of the iceburg. I am proud of our part in freeing the Iraqi people.
The Price of Freedom is Always High
The Currency of Freedom is the Blood of our Youth
The Value of Freedom is Immeasurable.
Copyright Charles Lane 4/23/03
God Bless America